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Unlock Your Business' Potential: Begin with Elevate Bootcamp

Elevate Bootcamp is a 13-week intensive growth pre-accelerator program in Cyprus aimed at empowering businesses with essential skills & toolkit, strategic insights, and mentorship to promote growth & innovation.

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Why enrolling in Elevate Bootcamp?


Feeling stuck on how to grow or scale your business effectively


Struggling to attract investors or secure funding


Lacking a clear, actionable plan to navigate your business


Overwhelm from trying to navigate your business with limited resources

What benefits do you get from this growth pre-accelerator program?


Improved strategic planning skills, enabling clearer business direction


Enhanced ability to attract funding and investment opportunities


Access to expert mentorship for personalized guidance and advice


Networking opportunities with other startups and industry professionals

What is Elevate Bootcamp?

The Elevate Bootcamp is a 13-week, mentorship-driven growth pre-accelerator program in Cyprus aimed at startups ready to scale, offering strategic planning, skill development, and professional guidance for growth and innovation. It prepares teams for fundraising, pitching, and developing a clear business plan, with exposure to Unity’s investor network and a Demo Day to showcase their business.

The program covers essential topics for early-stage businesses, helping find product-market fit and understanding customers, setting the stage for future success in the competitive marketplace.

This week introduces participants to the program, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and setting the stage for the journey ahead. Attendees will learn the importance of mental clarity and health, overview their startup journey, and begin to set professional KPIs and goals. The introduction to the Business Model Canvas lays the foundation for strategic planning.

Focusing on ideation, teams will identify customer segments, develop value propositions, and craft their elevator pitch. They will also learn how to design experiments for idea validation and conduct customer surveys and interviews.

Teams will engage in market and competitor research, conduct SWOT analysis, and learn about market positioning and segmentation. They will also start defining their solution and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and explore different channels for customer relationships. 

This week focuses on deeply understanding your customer base, defining success metrics, and identifying potential risks. Participants will learn how to analyze customer data, set measurable success goals, and develop strategies to mitigate risks that could impede business growth.

In this week, startups will streamline their operations for efficiency and effectiveness. The sessions will also include a comprehensive review of the strategies implemented thus far, evaluating their alignment with the business’s overall objectives.

Teams will project their financial future by estimating sales and cash flow, leading to a comprehensive financial forecast. This week is critical for understanding the financial health and potential of their businesses.

At the program’s halfway mark, participants will undergo a thorough evaluation of their progress. This mid-term review serves as a checkpoint to ensure that the startups are on track and making adjustments as necessary.

Week eight is dedicated to crafting a unique brand identity and developing a marketing strategy that resonates with the target audience. Startups will work on brand positioning, message development, and the channels that will best convey their brand to customers.

This week is all about product iteration and market testing. Startups will refine their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on feedback and test it with real users, using the insights gained to improve their product-market fit.

This week equips startups with leadership skills and tools for timeline development and valuation. They’ll explore exit strategies, equity offers, and investment terms, capped off with pitch deck development exercises.

Focused on funding, participants will learn about bootstrapping, crowdfunding, and pitching to investors, with practical pitching practice sessions.

In the final week before the demo day, participants will finalize their business plans, incorporating all the learnings from the program. They will also undergo a final evaluation to ensure they are fully prepared for Demo Day and the subsequent phases of their business journey.

Week 13 - Demo Day

The final week culminates in a Demo Day, an event that not only showcases the culmination of the startups’ hard work but also serves as a perfect opportunity to grab the attention of investors and potential partners within Unity’s network. Participants will present their polished pitches, demonstrating their business’s potential for growth and success, in a setting designed to facilitate networking and investment opportunities.

Program Designers & Facilitators

Tom Borgerding

Business Coach, Marketing, & Launch 

Tom is a driven professional helping leaders and businesses find their “sweet spot” in business and personal life. He’s a certified business coach with the International Coaching Federation (2024). He has over 20 years of business ownership experience where he ran a marketing and advertising company in the USA where he had an exit in 2018 after which he started coaching and advising other business owners.

He’s a lifelong learner, visionary, strategist and builder, who loves being part of a team, achieving goals and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Tom has been a keynote speaker on 3 continents for various conferences, classes, programs including the Society of Human Resource Manager (SHRM), National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), at university classes and programs, Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA), Western Association of University Publication Managers (WAUPM), Associated College Press (ACP), Advertising Federation of Minnesota (AdFed), American Marketing Association (AMA), Manufacturers Alliance, and others. He’s also written and provided content for Campus Media Group, NACE blogs/newsletters/book, Executive Magazine, SkilledUP,,, and many others. 

Hess Adnani

Growth Strategist, Marketing, & Launch

Hess is a high-energy and self-motivated serial entrepreneur, community builder, marketer, and tech developer with a track record of founding, running, and scaling communities, startups, and businesses. 

In addition to being a founder at Unity Growth, Hess is also the Country Expert (CY) at European Commission’s Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy (YEPA) and the Country Director for Startup Grind Cyprus.

Hess has been active for 11 years in entrepreneurship, tech, cryptocurrency and blockchain, e-commerce, and peace-building activities. He specializes in growth strategies for products and services. He actively constructs innovative marketing and DTC online advertising strategies and funnels. Community building is his passion, and Hess has a solid drive to unite people regardless of differences. 

Andreas Mathikolonis

Investments, Blockchain & Operations

Andreas has over fifteen years’ experience in strategic and operational management positions at corporate, educational and non-for-profit entities. This has provided him with hands-on experience with setting up organizations, project management, operational and budget planning and strong business acumen, key skills to evaluate projects and businesses for potential investment.

He is very passionate about blockchain technology, and he has been actively involved in the digital assets (cryptocurrencies) industry since 2015. His expertise includes fund management and administration, fundraising and venture capital investments, token economics design and evaluation, digital assets infrastructure development and integration.

He actively manages day-to-day activities of a yield generating crypto fund. He provides trainings, consultations and business mentorship.
He is a certified trainer by HrDA (ΑνΑΔ), holds Prince2, CySEC AML Compliance and CySEC Advanced Financial Framework certifications. He is a frequent speaker and panelist at Digital Assets and FinTech events. 

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Created by serial entrepreneurs aiming to promote growth for individuals, startups and large-scale businesses. We demystify the process of growing ideas and concepts. We are here to help you leverage our systematic guidance and approaches to find your product market fit, get more customers, raise funds, and scale explosively. 

Depending on your business stage and the state of your teams, we help you by either guiding you with coaching, temporarily joining you to deliver hands-on skills, permanently joining your teams as a passive co-founder, or provide our expertise-as-a-service. 

We are active in the Cypriot's startup ecosystem and we ran educational events for 100s of people

Have questions? No problem!

Elevate Bootcamp is a 13-week intensive growth pre-accelerator program designed to help startups refine their business strategies, enhance growth, and prepare for investment opportunities. It includes mentorship, skill development, and networking, culminating in a Demo Day presentation.

Any early-stage startup looking to scale their business, refine their strategy, or prepare for fundraising can apply. It’s suitable for entrepreneurs who have a minimum viable product and a dedicated team.

Details on program fees are provided upon application acceptance. Some startups might be offered scholarships or sponsorships.

Yes, consistent participation is crucial to reap the full benefits of the program, which includes both in-person and online sessions throughout the 13 weeks.

The growth pre-accelerator program helps startups refine their business model, develop a solid financial plan, and create compelling pitch decks. Additionally, the Demo Day provides a platform to present to potential investors.

Yes, solo founders are welcome to apply. However, having a team may be beneficial for covering the diverse aspects of the program.

The program is open to startups from all sectors, focusing on universal growth principles applicable across various industries. 

That shouldn’t be an issue. You can have a personalized development path by having a peer-to-peer training by one of our Unity Growth’s mentors/advisors. Please refer to our Elite Groups and Coaching page.

Demo Day is an event at the end of the program where startups present their business to an audience of investors, mentors, and potential partners, aiming to attract interest and investment.

The program includes dedicated sessions for crafting and refining your pitch, with expert feedback to ensure your presentation is compelling for Demo Day and future investor meetings.

The application deadline varies for each cohort. Please apply for the Elevate Bootcamp and we will send you a full information about the program and which cohort are open for registration.

No, a legally registered company is not a requirement to participate in Elevate Bootcamp. We welcome teams at various stages, including those in the process of formalizing their business structure.

Yes, participants who successfully complete Elevate Bootcamp will receive a certificate of completion from Unity Growth and possibly other partnering organizations.

Yes, graduates of Elevate Bootcamp become part of our alumni network, which provides ongoing support, resources, and access to our events and community.