Unity Elite - Small Business Owners Cohort Onboarding Call Registration


The purpose of the SBO (Small Business Owners) Cohort is to leverage the experience each SBO has to help others find greater success and insight. It has been well said that all of us together are wiser than any one of us. The goal of the process outlined below is to bring experienced counsel and training together in a well-defined way to support SBOs in a safe, confidential environment.


Being a business leader can be a lonely job and we need to be around other business owners. Many times it’s not possible to have an open conversation about your concerns, challenges, and unknowns without causing stress and fear on the part of the employee you are speaking with.

This cohort is a confidential, safe, and open place to talk about and learn from other leaders and how they process and work through their business challenges. There’s no other place like this to be around other business owners and learn from each other in an intimate and respectful environment. 

Small group education, workshops, and training are provided on topics of interest to the cohort so that you aren’t wasting your time. Your cohort sets the topics while the facilitator(s) find experts on the topic to train the cohort, while not selling you their services, to help you run your business even better.   



Focus: engagement in this group is for business owners who are located in Cyprus in like-sized businesses. Each business should be non-competitive with the others, unless approved by both companies and other member business owners to be in the Cohort. Businesses for this cohort should be in the late startup phase (not in ideation but have a written business plan and are starting to execute it) or are currently in business with 10 or less employees. 

Cohort Goal: The goal is to help each cohort member through confidential, peer business advice, issues/problem/opportunities processing, advice and resources/relationships that can help each business grow and stay focused on their key initiatives. Each cohort will tap into the body of experience and skills among members, receiving and giving real, practical insight.

Facilitation: Each group will have a professional business coach/facilitator who has been through or has seen many business startups. His or her job will be to help facilitate the conversation for the meetings, find resourcing, and help the group, as needed. The Facilitator will also provide the technology used for the group (i.e. Zoom or Google Meet) or help determine a location to meet if the group will meet in person. 


Member Benefits:

The value and benefit of this group is in the experience, knowledge, and insight the members bring. 

  • Diverse perspectives to help owners see and grow their business with more insight than on their own.
  • Members are surrounded by peers that will challenge each other.
  • Meetings are professionally facilitated by a professional business coach(es), so that members enjoy a productive and focused time together.
  • Provides accountability without the punishing feel of a typical accountability group.
  • Discussions creatively bring real breakthrough insights.
  • Build strong relationships with like-minded business leaders.
  • Authentic discussions on issues important to you.
  • Structure is based on proven models that provide personal and professional growth.
  • Companies that have peer groups tend to grow faster than their competitors.
  • Education/training provided based on the interests and challenges the members desire.



Recommended twelve-twenty-four (2 per month) in-person or online group meetings annually for up to 2 hours (recurring day and time TBD based upon members preferences).

Optional: one-to-one individual focused support with one cohort facilitator/coach for up to 1.5 hours per quarter. (additional coach fees).

(TBD) Each member will host or find a location to host the meeting each month. Costs of hosting, snacks and beverages for the group are the responsibility of the host unless it’s a public location (i.e. restaurant, where snacks and beverages are the responsibility of each member). Recommendations of where or how to host can be provided, as needed.

Cohort size: 6-12 members



Actual expectations to be determined by the cohort members but initial expectations include:

  • Attendance at each of the meetings (attendance at 90% meetings per year) for the full allotted time.
  • Preparation for the meetings so that they are productive and honoring the other members.
  • Open, sincere and honest communication.
  • Check any egos at the door.
  • Listen first, don’t get defensive, be willing to give and get honest feedback.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality.


Cohort Values: 

  • Authenticity – be yourself, there are plenty of other people, there’s only one you.
  • Honesty – truthfulness in all situations.
  • Vulnerability – safe place to be vulnerable with others and yourself.
  • Transparency – open, real conversations.
  • Confidentiality – everything is confidential and kept to this group alone.
  • Commitment – show up, do what you say you are going to do.
  • Engagement – participate with the group, activities, be fully present.
  • Purposeful – intentional about what needs to be done including our own growth.
  • Respect – ask, don’t tell, honor each other.
  • Prepared – show up ready for our time together.
  • Sounding-board – safe place to create and give/receive feedback.
  • Support – support each other’s calling and businesses.
  • Permission – Allow each other to ask the tough questions. Permission to speak into each other’s life in order to encourage each other.


Meeting Structure:

3 Main Types of Cohort Meetings: 

  1. Goal setting and review (typically in December and June)
    1. June
      1. Review results for the current YTD.
      2. Update goals as needed for the 2nd half of the current year.
    2. December
      1. Review results for the current year.
      2. Set goals for the following year.
  2. Report by one Cohort member (member picks of the 3 options below to present on)
    1. Cohort members identify top 2 or 3 from the Unity Growth Business Assessment and share best practices.
    2. Cohort members identify low 2 or 3 from the Unity Growth Business Assessment and solicit feedback for improvement suggestions.
    3. If Business Assessment is not available, then the Cohort member does SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) results or “What keeps them up at night?”
  3. Training topic by guest speaker (typically alternating months other than June & December)
    1. Guest speaker does a presentation on the skill area as identified by the Cohort members survey.
    2. Application/reflection time for each person around each topic that the speaker shared (1-3 steps that each will take from what was shared).


Pricing/Fee Structure:

As we build out the first cohort, we should recruit based on similar business sizes to provide the greatest opportunity for similar business challenges and issues.

Member business size: 1-10 employees 

  • 50 euro/month, paid quarterly


Next Steps: 

Fill out the registration form below, and we will contact you about booking an onboarding call. During this call we will ask you the following questions:  

  1. A brief overview of you and your family.
  2. A brief overview of your business (regional location, what you do, number of employees, when founded, past business gross revenue/net income, etc.).
  3. What are your expectations of this group?
  4. How can a group like this be the greatest value to you?
  5. What are you hoping most to gain by participating in the cohort?
  6. Are you willing to abide by the rules and expectations outlined? (Yes, No)
  7. Any additional questions? 

All answers will be confidential and only shared with members of this group who also agree to confidentiality.