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Small Business Owners Mastermind Cohort

Small Business Owners (SBO) Mastermind Cohort offers a confidential, supportive private meetups and shared activities for small business leaders to share insights and overcome challenges together. This cohort facilitates growth through peer-to-peer learning, workshops, and professional coaching. Designed for non-competitive collaboration, it provides a unique platform for small business owners in Cyprus to enhance their business success in a focused and engaging way.

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Without coaching and peer groups you might be experiencing...


Leadership can be lonely without a confidential and trusted support system


Struggling with decision-making due to a lack of unbiased, external feedback


Facing difficulties in executing plans without accountability mechanisms


Hesitating to take bold steps due to uncertainty and lack of support

Our SBO Mastermind Cohort can help you achieve...


Gaining a reliable, trustworthy support system for your growth


Making informed decisions with confidence and clarity


Achieving a balanced approach to work and personal life


Staying focused & accountable towards achieving your goals

What is a Mastermind Cohort?

A mastermind cohort is a collaborative group where individuals with similar goals or interests come together to share knowledge, offer mutual support, and hold each other accountable towards achieving their objectives. It leverages the collective intelligence of the group to solve problems, generate ideas, and foster personal and professional growth. Typically facilitated by a coach or leader, these cohorts provide a structured environment for members to benefit from diverse perspectives, experiences, and resources, encouraging continuous improvement and success. 


Here are key points about Unity Growth’s SBO Mastermind Cohorts:

Limits membership to ensure intimate, productive discussions and personalized support for each business owner. 

The program costs 50 euro/month, payable quarterly, making it accessible for small business budgets.

Designed for business owners located in Cyprus, ensuring relevance and convenience for all members.

Membership is open to businesses that are not in direct competition, unless agreed upon, fostering a collaborative environment.

Each cohort benefits from the guidance of experienced business coaches, enhancing the quality and focus of meetings.

Ideal for late startup phase businesses or those with up to 10 employees, ensuring focused support and relevance.

Members engage in twelve to twenty-four in-person or online meetings annually, allowing for flexibility and regular engagement.

Members take turns hosting meetings or finding locations, fostering a sense of ownership and community within the group.

Features three main types of meetings – goal setting/review, member reports, and training topics by guest speakers for comprehensive development.

The cohort is anchored in core values such as authenticity, honesty, vulnerability, and respect, fostering a culture where members can openly share, learn, and grow together.

Growth Coaching & Group Team

Tom Borgerding

Business Coach, Marketing, & Launch 

Tom is a driven professional helping leaders and businesses find their “sweet spot” in business and personal life. He’s a certified business coach with the International Coaching Federation (2024). He has over 20 years of business ownership experience where he ran a marketing and advertising company in the USA where he had an exit in 2018 after which he started coaching and advising other business owners.

He’s a lifelong learner, visionary, strategist and builder, who loves being part of a team, achieving goals and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Tom has been a keynote speaker on 3 continents for various conferences, classes, programs including the Society of Human Resource Manager (SHRM), National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), at university classes and programs, Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA), Western Association of University Publication Managers (WAUPM), Associated College Press (ACP), Advertising Federation of Minnesota (AdFed), American Marketing Association (AMA), Manufacturers Alliance, and others. He’s also written and provided content for Campus Media Group, NACE blogs/newsletters/book, Executive Magazine, SkilledUP,,, and many others. 

Hess Adnani

Growth Strategist, Marketing, & Launch

Hess is a high-energy and self-motivated serial entrepreneur, community builder, marketer, and tech developer with a track record of founding, running, and scaling communities, startups, and businesses. 

In addition to being a founder at Unity Growth, Hess is also the Country Expert (CY) at European Commission’s Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy (YEPA) and the Country Director for Startup Grind Cyprus.

Hess has been active for 11 years in entrepreneurship, tech, cryptocurrency and blockchain, e-commerce, and peace-building activities. He specializes in growth strategies for products and services. He actively constructs innovative marketing and DTC online advertising strategies and funnels. Community building is his passion, and Hess has a solid drive to unite people regardless of differences. 

Andreas Mathikolonis

Investments, Blockchain & Operations

Andreas has over fifteen years’ experience in strategic and operational management positions at corporate, educational and non-for-profit entities. This has provided him with hands-on experience with setting up organizations, project management, operational and budget planning and strong business acumen, key skills to evaluate projects and businesses for potential investment.

He is very passionate about blockchain technology, and he has been actively involved in the digital assets (cryptocurrencies) industry since 2015. His expertise includes fund management and administration, fundraising and venture capital investments, token economics design and evaluation, digital assets infrastructure development and integration.

He actively manages day-to-day activities of a yield generating crypto fund. He provides trainings, consultations and business mentorship.
He is a certified trainer by HrDA (ΑνΑΔ), holds Prince2, CySEC AML Compliance and CySEC Advanced Financial Framework certifications. He is a frequent speaker and panelist at Digital Assets and FinTech events. 

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Created by serial entrepreneurs aiming to promote growth for individuals, startups and large-scale businesses. We demystify the process of growing ideas and concepts. We are here to help you leverage our systematic guidance and approaches to find your product market fit, get more customers, raise funds, and scale explosively. 

Depending on your business stage and the state of your teams, we help you by either guiding you with coaching, temporarily joining you to deliver hands-on skills, permanently joining your teams as a passive co-founder, or provide our expertise-as-a-service. 

We are active in the field of marketing for 30+ years and we worked with 100s of global brands and companies:

Got one last question? No problem!

To join the SBO Cohort, your business should be in the late startup phase or currently operational with up to 10 employees. We welcome business owners committed to growth, open to collaboration, and respectful of confidentiality.

Interested business owners can apply by filling out the registration form on this page After submission, we will contact you for an onboarding call to discuss your business, expectations, and how the cohort can support your growth journey.

Topics are selected based on the interests and needs of cohort members, ensuring relevance and value. They range from marketing strategies and financial management to leadership development and operational efficiency.

Generally, we aim to keep the cohort non-competitive. However, if there’s mutual agreement among involved parties and the group sees potential for constructive collaboration, exceptions can be made.

The coach facilitates discussions, provides guidance, and brings resources to the group. They ensure meetings are productive and focused while offering individual support as needed to foster group and personal growth.

While regular attendance is crucial for cohort cohesion and personal growth, we understand unforeseen circumstances may arise. We ask members to communicate absences in advance and catch up on missed content accordingly.

Members agree to uphold strict confidentiality regarding shared information and discussions within the group. This agreement creates a trusted environment for open, vulnerable conversations essential for growth.

Members can expect enhanced business acumen, expanded professional networks, improved leadership skills, and actionable strategies for growth. The collective wisdom of the cohort provides support and insights not easily found elsewhere.

The varied meeting formats (goal setting, member reports, expert training) are designed to cater to different learning and development needs, ensuring each member gains comprehensive insights and actionable knowledge.

Members are expected to actively participate in meetings, respect the cohort’s values, and engage in goal-setting and accountability practices. Your commitment to growth and the success of your peers enriches the cohort experience for everyone.